Administering cute

Administration Overview

We invite any college or university to participate in the administration of the College + University Teaching Environment (CUTE) survey. CUTE staff will handle all aspects of survey administration, including invitations, follow-up messages, delivery of the online survey, compilation of data, and reporting of results.

  • CUTE will be administered in the fall semester at participating institutions
  • Each institution provides the names and email addresses of its selected sample of instructional staff (faculty, instructors, and/or graduate students who teach)
  • Instructional staff responses are confidential to their institution.
  • Participating institutions will receive customized dashboard reports and a raw data file of instructional staff responses.

Study #2007598809 | IRB Approval Date:  August 8, 2020

See the CUTE Terms of Participation.

Administration Timeline

Survey administration, data analysis, and reporting will occur in the fall semester.

  • Institutions will agree to participate in June.
  • Institution will make choices to customize their adminstration by mid-July.
  • Recruitment messages will be sent in September.
  • The survey will close mid-October.
  • Institution-specific dashboard reports and raw data will be available immediately.